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Give your dog a day full of activities to ensure they go home ready for a good nights rest after a day of fun!

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A day at Day Care

During dogie day care your pet will have the ultimate day of fun and activity. We will provide report cards with details of your dog’s stay along with pictures/videos! There are many activities including but not limited to Agility, Rally, Soccer, Fetch, Frisbee, Puzzles, interacting with other furry friends and pet friendly bubble time.

Benefits of Our Day Care

There are numerous benefits of your dog partaking in our daycare! We have a high-touch daycare service, which means your dog will not get bored! We rotate your pup through one-on-one play time with staff, furry friend play time, enrichment activities as well as small rest periods. We create small groups of furry friends to ensure they are safe, well monitored and the best playmates for each other! These small groups are interchanged based on the individual dogs. This allows your dog to have the most fun while feeling safe and comfortable with their friends.


  • Drop off and pick up hours are Monday-Saturday 7:30 a.m – 6:00 p.m

  • Your dog’s first time at our day care is a temperament testing half-day and is half price.

  • Along with the policies required, dogs must be spayed/neutered for Play Groups. Dogs in heat or pregnant will not be acceptable for Play Groups.

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2024 Semester Calendar 

Winter: January 8th – March 29th 

Spring: April 8th – June 28th

Summer: July 15th – September 27th

Fall: September 30th – November 22nd 


Packages Available for Winter, Spring & Summer Semesters (12 weeks)

Days Total Avg. # of Days Per Week Avg. Price Per Day  Total Package Price
24 2 33 $795
36 3 32 $1,155
48 4 31 $1,485
60 5 30 $1,800


Packages Available for Fall Semester (8 weeks) 

Days Total Avg. # of Days Per Week Avg. Price Per Day Total Package Price
16 2 33 $530
24 3 32 $770
32 4 31 $990
40 5 30 $1,200


Daily Rate: $35 per day

* All packages are only available for use during the semester purchased for and expire after end date.

* Package days are only available for use Monday-Friday. Daycare on Saturdays are a daily rate of $35.